wt Paramount Prosthetics, we work with all types of dentists. Ranging from seasoned prosthodontists at the top of their field to those in general dentistry who benefit from a little advice when putting a patients treatment plan together.Working with implants for more than 3 decades, we have seen things change dramatically over the years - all for the better! Implants have become much more predictable and a lot easier to work with. On the restorative end, systems such as the “locator” have made delivering top quality implant-supported dentures a simple and straightforward process. If your treatment plan calls for Hader bars or “fixed denture” solutions, we can help with them as well. Paramount Prosthetics is equipped to do virtually any combination of implant systems or techniques imaginable.
The option of special setup techniques such as Neutral Zone and Lingualized occlusion is always available as I have extensive experience in both these concepts. Of course we use only the finest acrylics as well as all the major brands of premium teeth. All dentures have the option of being created with beautifully blended gingival tissues to make them as natural as possible.
Paramount Prosthetics provides a safe and reliable place to send your work. You can feel secure that the same person talking to you on the phone is the same person taking your case from start to finish. Essentially, Paramount Prosthetics is a one technician lab. We employ a support staff that helps with scheduling, billing and deliveries. We do not do anything that is not denture related - with the exception of 'in-house' casting of metal frameworks and support attachments. Specializing in denture implants makes it easy to focus on what we do best and keep our prices reasonable.
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